Pics: Michael Vick Buys Fiancée Kijafa Frink a Porsche For Her Birthday – BlackSportsOnline
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Pics: Michael Vick Buys Fiancée Kijafa Frink a Porsche For Her Birthday


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When I watched Vick’s reality show “The Michael Vick Project”, I was impressed with how Vick was trying to get his life back to together, but I was more impressed with his then girlfriend Kijafa.

A lot of people disappeared when Vick was playing “Prison Break”, but Miss Frink kept their family together and held it down while he was gone.

Like most athletes,Vick was no saint during their relationship, but she dealt with it and while he was gone— she was the one taking care of his kids and waiting for him to get home.

Vick seemed to recognize this during the show and eventually proposed to Miss Frink.  He threw her a birthday party and had a surprise gift for her.

Sources inside the party tell us Vick’s fiancée, Kijafa Frink, celebrated her birthday with a private event at a Philly nightclub … where guests feasted on filet mignon sliders, imported crab balls, and designer chicken wings (yeah, we don’t get it either).

But here’s the kicker — when it was time to open gifts Vick whipped out a brand new Porsche Panamera! Yeah, he dropped $90k on a birthday gift. Baller.

I am curious about what those designer chicken wings are all about.

Anyway, I hope that Vick got the Porsche from a sponsor or his creditors are going to reading this like:



Not trying to rain on their parade, just don’t want Vick to get into another bad situation like he did before by not watching his spending.

According to his bankruptcy budget, I don’t recall seeing purchasing a $91,000 car in it.  If he keeps playing at a MVP level, it won’t matter because he will have plenty of money for the Porsche payments.

Speaking of cars, Miss Frink has a some junk in the trunk.