Pics: Masseuse Amanda Oswald: “Favre Sent Me Sex Text, But I Won’t Sue” – BlackSportsOnline
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Pics: Masseuse Amanda Oswald: “Favre Sent Me Sex Text, But I Won’t Sue”

I think we all have come to the conclusion that Favre likes to send mass sexual text messages and just waits to see who will say yes.

It is similar to the guy at the club who grabs every girl’s arm who walks by until one actually stops and talks to him

It is called “Quantity Pimpin”.

The premise being that if you make advances on every woman you see, the law of averages says that eventually one will agree to whatever you are offering.

While Miss Oswald decided she didn’t want to play center to Favre’s quarterback, she doesn’t plan on suing him.

Amanda Oswald — who was hired by the New York Jets to work on Brett for a day in 2008 — confirms to TMZ that Favre sent her a text message soliciting her for a sexual encounter after a massage session.

Oswald tells us that unlike two OTHER masseuses who worked on Jets players on the day she was contracted, Oswald and her lawyer Andrew Campanelli will NOT be pursuing a sexual harassment case against the NFL star … because she doesn’t feel Brett violated her rights.

Oswald explains … after Favre sent the text asking for a private session with “bad intentions” — Oswald said she texted back, simply informing him she wasn’t game for anything sexual.

According to Oswald, Favre replied, “OK” … and never pursued her further.

Oswald tells us, “I do believe it was inappropriate … I can’t say I was being harassed.”

With the “Quantity Pimper”, rejection is not a problem. Favre went deep, the pass was intercepted and he moved on. I believe the other massage therapists felt the same way as Miss Oswald, but once the Jenn Sterger incident came to light they figured they could cash out.

I give Miss Oswald credit for being honest in saying she didn’t feel like she was being harassed then, so she isn’t going to lie and act like she was being harassed to try to make a quick buck.