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Shawne Merriman Signs New 2 Year Deal With Buffalo Bills

I am as surprised as you are.

This is being reported by ESPN Chris Mortensen.

As soon as Merriman’s Balco shipments stop coming, the injuries started to pile up and the production started to go way down. After being cut by the Chargers he lasted a half a practice with the Bills before hurting himself and going on IR.

Sources said he hated being in Buffalo, so it is a bit of a shock that he would sign any contract with them. Maybe he came to the realization that no one else would be interested and wanted to get whatever money he could.

If the Bills and GM Buddy Nix offered him anything besides the league minimum with no guarantees, Merriman swindled them. When the true contract numbers come out we will let you know.


Here are the contract numbers:

A source said Merriman is guaranteed $2.5 million for the 2011 season and will make an average $5.25 million during the two years.

He has play-time and performance incentives that could boost the contract to $9.25 million a season but a more reasonable sum is $8.75 million if Merriman remains healthy and plays well.

Whatever the Bills were drinking on New Year’s Eve should be banned like Four Lokos.