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Gilbert Arenas Says Ex-Fiancee’ Laura Govan Killed His Sharks

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Anytime that Shooter talks, it is a must listen, because you aren’t really sure what is he going to say.

Just to give you the back story, Arenas was engaged to Laura Govan the older sister of Basketball Wives star Gloria Govan (who is engaged to Lakers Matt Barnes) and they have several children together.  Govan was caught cheating on Arenas with Shaq (Shaq’s Pimp Focus is Strong..Sleeping With Gilbert Arenas Fiancee’)

Very messy stuff and now they are going through a hectic breakup and Arenas thinks she is trying to soil his reputation.

Arenas appeared on “The Mike Wise Show With Holden Kushner” on 106.7 The Fan just now. Arenas talked about the end of his Wizards career and the state of the team, but the most entertaining remarks were the ones he made about the current messy split with fiancee Laura Govan. Saying that Govan is trying to “destroy” him, Arenas insinuated that Govan, or someone else, killed his beloved sharks by throwing pennies into the tank.

“She’s trying to dignify the blog image [I once had] to make it seem like that’s who I am,” Arenas said, before later saying that Govan “can’t have me, so she’s trying to destroy me.”

If you are asking yourself “What Sharks” you might want to read this.

Gilbert Arenas Spends $5000 a Month to Feed His Sharks

The only think I know for sure is that Arenas needs his own reality tv show.  He is an odd fella, that I don’t think realizes that he is odd, which always makes for good TV.

Hopefully the Killer of the Sharks are found, I am going to put Chris Hanson on the case.