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Dodgers Matt Kemp Won’t Dance to Ex-Girlfriend Rihanna’s Music

Rihanna is a modern day Michael Jordan in regards to her relationships with the opposite sex.  A serial killer that Kobe Bryant would be envious of.

We don’t even need to talk about Chris Brown, she has Drake running around Roger Rabbit anytime he is in her presence, laughed at the thought of being linked with Andrew Bynum and then you have Matt Kemp, who while he was with RiRi numbers tanked.

Now that they are broken up, he might still be a little salty.

Los Angeles Dodger Matt Kemp must not have ended things on good terms with ex-girlfriend Rihanna. In Las Vegas for a preseason game Sunday, Kemp spent Saturday night dancing on a banquette in the downstairs Boom Box Room at club Marquee. But as soon as DJ Eric D-Lux switched to Rihanna’s “Cheers,” a witness told us, “Matt immediately sat down and stuck his hand up in defiance to the song. As soon as her song ended, he jumped right back up.

This reminds of something that happened during Super Bowl Week.  I was at a charity basketball game at SMU.  Chris Brown was one of the celebs playing.  Before the game he was warming up, having fun, missing twenty dunks in row and generally have a good time. He was in very good spirits.

The DJ was playing a variety music, but made the mistake of putting on Rihanna “What’s my Name”.  If looks could kill the DJ would have been six feet under the arena, talk about a mood changer.

10 seconds into the song, we went from jamming to dead silence, no more Rihanna was played throughout the game.

Serial Killer.