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Nick Lachey on Chad OchoCinco: “I Think He is Played Out”

Nick Lachey is a Bengals fan, so I understand his frustations.

He also married Jessica Simpson, so I question his decision making, first in marrying her and then divorcing her before she started making like a billion dollars on some K-Mart clothing line.

Lachey had some strong words for Mike Brown, Carson Palmer and Chad OchoCinco when he talked to Jimmy Traina. Do you think it’s impossible for the Bengals to be successful under Mike Brown?

Lachey: You’re gonna have your aberration years like in 2009 when the division was down and we were able to sweep the division and make the playoffs before exiting in the first round. Short of those blips of success on the radar, Mike Brown has proven he’s not the one to make personnel decision. As long as he’s the guy pulling the trigger, I don’t have any faith that the Bengals will turn anything around. What’s your take on Carson Palmer wanting out?

Lachey: It’s hard for me because I went to USC and watched him all through college. Obviously, as a Bengals fan, I was thrilled when he became our quarterback. I think, unfortunately, he’s been a part of a losing situation and that takes its toll on players after a while. I guess the one gripe I have with Carson is that he’s never been the guy. He’s never been the rah-rah guy in the huddle to grab someone’s facemask and tell them to get their act together. He’s always been the quiet type. You never got the feeling he was in control of that team. For him to all of a sudden to now have a voice and speak up is frustrating, not only to myself but to a lot of fans because you wish you would’ve seen that five years ago when players were acting out. You would’ve liked to have seen your highly compensated franchise quarterback have a little more initiative at that point instead of when he wants to get out of town. Are you a Chad Ochocinco fan or do you think his act is played out?

Lachey: I think it’s played out. I think most people in Cincinnati feel that way. You have players who seemingly care more about their Twitter accounts and generating publicity about themselves than they do about winning. And again, you have to defend Chad on a certain level because it must be tough to come in here year in and year out, and get ready to play for a team that’s not gonna go anywhere. But I also think Chad dropped a lot of balls. There were a lot frustrating moments over the past few years where you’re thinking, “If you spent half as much energy working on running around the cornerback as you did self promoting, it would be a different situation.” I just think the Bengals need a clean sweep from owner down to players.

Tell us how you really fell Nick.

I am glad they didn’t ask him about Lebron leaving Cleveland he might have replied in Comic Sans font.