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Tell ‘Em Why You Mad Son..March Madness in Full Swing

In spite of Charlie Sheen, David Stern, and most recently Grant Hill’s displays of madness, Thursday brought us the official start to March Madness (yeah, I’m not going to count those play in games).

From Thursday to Sunday we witnessed: good calls by officials that were frowned upon, bad calls that were smiled upon,  and missed calls that were lied upon (looking at you Coach Romar).  The weekend brought us Duke versus Michigan on the court after a week of Duke versus Michigan off the court.

We saw Pittsburgh and Texas not live up to their seeding again and Butler showing off their slippers again.  The Big East morphed into the Big Least and Viginia Commonwealth and Richmond danced in Butler’s slippers.

CBS added Chuck and Kenny, and gave us more of Gus.  After four days we’re fortunate to still have Kemba and Jimmer, yet a tad depressed Jacob’s college career has ended.

We’ve seen tears flow…and no, I’m not talking about the Heat.  Looking forward, we’ve got all the ingredients left that make an excellent tournament.  There are still giants, giant slayers, superstars, and complete teams left.  This is what we so look forward to every March and to be honest, the only reason to ever be mad is that you know it will end soon.