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Duke Football Player Tyree Glover Arrested on Cocaine Trafficking

I can not confirm or deny Glover was arrested while sending a shipment to Whitney Houston.  I thought Duke didn’t allow these type of kids in their University?

This isn’t like stealing a laptop or cheating on some tests.  Glover was getting his Tony Montana on.

Duke University football player Tyree Glover was arrested Tuesday and charged with trafficking cocaine.

The 6-foot-1, 255-pound sophomore linebacker from Crescent City, Fla., was being held in the Durham County jail Thursday in lieu of $750,000 bond.Glover was arrested by Durham police on Gregson Street and charged with trafficking in cocaine, police spokeswoman Kammie Michael said Wednesday.

Michael said police then obtained a search warrant and searched his dorm room on the Duke campus where they found marijuana.Michael said police confiscated 29.6 grams of powder cocaine and 72.4 grams of marijuana. Glover was charged with trafficking in cocaine and possession of marijuana and cocaine with the intent to sell and deliver.

He was kicked off the team and is being held on 750k bond. If he was Gucci Mane with that high of bond he would never get out of prison.
Next time someone wants to run a cocaine ring, I suggest not running it out of the dorm room like he is Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons back when they started Def Jam.
Funny this happened on 4-20.