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Top Georgia Football Prospect Deion Bonner Charged With Theft

Deion Bonner and two other suspects were charged with theft for allegedly stealing ipods and iphones from the lockers of seven Georgia players. This incident took place during an open house on April 7th. Deion plays CB and is one of the state’s top ten prospects for 2012.

There is just so much wrong with that. What player goes to the open house of a team that is recruiting him and steals from the current players? The same players that he might have been playing with in a year or so. I say might because there is no way that Georgia can still recruit him at this point. The Georgia football program has enough issues with football players breaking the law as it is and if Deion is catching charges during an open house then there is no reason to bring that drama to Georgia next year. On top of that he took stupidity to a whole other level by stealing from the team that was recruiting him. The level of ignorance of this young man is above and beyond a lot of things that I’ve seen or heard about. College football players have been known to do some dumb stuff. From Tennessee players being arrested for attempted armed robbery to Auburn players being arrested for robbery and home invasion. Now these charges are far more serious and hold a level of ignorance of their own. I’m not condoning what these players did. All I’m saying is they didn’t rob or invade their teammate’s home. We all know the saying “Never bite the hand that feeds you.” In my opinion that’s just what he did and he should no longer be recruited. Besides what player on Georgia’s team is going to respect the person that stole from them?

My guess would be that he never intended to go to Georgia. Why else would you attempt to do something so stupid? If he had any intentions of attending Georgia he wouldn’t have stole from his future and besides that what kind of impression is he making as a recruit period.  Deion and his accomplices turned themselves in this morning and he was subsequently kicked off of his high school team. I don’t think that this one mistake should shape his future and I truly hope that this is learning experience for him.