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Vikings Ray Edwards Caught Sexting Nipple Rings Pics

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Another day…another athlete with suspect behavior. Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Ray Edwards decided to send a young woman some private photos and wouldn’t you know….the media now has access to these photos. Ray is not nude in any of the photos and definitely has nothing to be ashamed of…….except maybe those nipple rings which kind of makes me think that he might be best friends with Christina Bosh. Some women might find this sexy and that’s fine, but ladies let’s be honest he kind of took a page from Eddie Long in some of these poses.

Now while these pictures may not be X rated it still makes me wonder why athletes continue to send out SEXTS to the women or men that they meet. The NFL just finished an investigation into the Brett Favre sexting scandal earlier this year but yet it seems that some athletes didn’t learn anything from it. Come on guys you have to be smarter. While there’s nothing wrong with flaunting a nice body you should be careful who you send certain pictures to. If you don’t you and your nipple rings just might make the front page of multiple media outlets.