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Chester Pitts And Raheem Brock Crank Call Roger Goodell

With no NFL stories to report thanks to the ongoing lockout, people have had to get creative. That includes the players. When it comes to NFL athlete creativity, the leaders in the clubhouse right now are Chester Pitts and Raheem Brock of the Seattle Seahawks.

The duo recently released a spoof video entitled “Crankin’ the Commissioner” in which they pretend to…crank call the commissioner. Among the jokes the pair pulls on an unseen and mostly unheard “Roger Goodell” include:

“Meep moop! I am a robot. I can not lie. You should give the players a gajillion dollars. Meep moop!”

“This is Freddy Krueger. Do you mind taking a nap for a moment?”

Of course as with all crank call gags, the victim inevitably calls back to excoriate the jokesters.

It’s two-and-a-half minutes worth of giggles, but it underscores what has become a larger story during the work stoppage – the growing disrespect of Goodell by the players. The subject was recently tackled in an excellent article by Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports. Something that may have been spoken privately in locker rooms across the NFL is now on display for everyone to see. What began with angry quotes from several players in interviews has now turned into open mocking.

It’s been said repeatedly by reporters covering the lockout up close that labor strife makes for hurt feelings and broken working relationships. The longer this labor dispute goes, the harder it is to imagine that the players will defer to much of anything Goodell has to say.