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BSO Model of the Week: Arayna Eison @araynaeison

Arayna Eison

Mesurements: 34 – 23 – 34

Height: 5’7

Weight: 110 lbs



Contact: [email protected]



Twitter: @araynaeison

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How did you get into modeling?

                    While in college, I did a little modeling here and there; however it wasn’t until 2009 that I pursued this as a career.  After I was in a life-threatening car accident, I decided to be purposeful about following my passions. Modeling is something that I want badly, so I’m going for it with all that I am and everything I have.

 You have a real desire to be in the SI Swimsuit 2013, what is the motivation behind that?

                    Sports Illustrated represents the ultimate level of success for a swimsuit model. My goal is to get to – and remain at – the top of my game. Women featured in the swimsuit edition are celebrated for their beauty and fitness, it’s an exclusive group that represents some of the best of what modeling has to offer and it’s a huge honor. In addition, I’m all about Sports Illustrated. I love and am obsessed with football; I’m a card-carrying member of WHO DAT NATION!

  You are very athletic; tell us about the sports you have competed in and what you do to stay fit.

                    Right now, my biggest athletic focus is training to run a marathon in 2012 so I’m running three to five times a week, weight training and doing plyometrics.  I also love Yoga and Pilates because they help strengthen my ligaments and tone my figure while giving me an opportunity to relax and meditate in the process.

What are your thoughts on social media?  How does it best serve you?

I appreciate social media because it’s an outlet that allows me to share my journey with            others.  It gives me a platform to share with people the changes that have taken place in my life since seeking physical, mental and spiritual well being through fitness.  I am able to share how I am in-love with my own desire to succeed and the power in the belief of a dream.  More importantly, I am able to share with others the thoughts they refuse to share with themselves; a motivation of chasing whatever dream they desire while maintaining reality.

                    I sincerely love the connection I’m able to form with my supporters. Our      conversations range from them asking me about my diet and fitness regimen or       just sending me a message to say I encourage them to chase their dreams.

 How do you fight the stereotype that you are just another pretty face?

I’m simply myself and I understand that stereotypes are not facts but merely opinions filled with assumptions.  I registered for college at the age of 14 and am currently working on my Doctoral Degree.  I graduated with a B.S. in Biology/Chemistry and hold two Masters Degrees.  Unless pursuit of higher education requires nothing more than coloring books and crayons, the stereotype of a pretty face doesn’t offend me; because I don’t fulfill it.  I think most of us don’t fit stereotypes that people try to place on them, we dismantle those ideas by being our authentic selves.

 In 2011 what should we be looking for from you?

I recently participated in a few projects that will be airing in the next few months.  Because of confidentiality agreements I can’t get into specifics, but I can say that I am scheduled to appear in several media publications and television programs. I also continue to work on my craft with coaches and learn from other people’s experiences in the industry. I’m excited about where things are headed within the next year; I’m looking forward to the journey.

My personal motto “chasing dreams doesn’t mean abandon reality…..but not chasing your dream will lead to a false reality”