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Rex Ryan to Chargers: “Stay Classy, San Diego”

Any time a Ron Burgundy reference can be used that is a PLUS 1, but coming from Rex Ryan it sort of doesn’t have the same effect.  A bunch of Chargers players made a 1000 and 1 excuses why they lost to the Jets.

Ryan hearing that decided to go Anchorman.

Rex Ryan had a simple response to grumblings coming from the San Diego Chargers in the wake of Sunday’s 27-21 New York Jets victory.

“Stay classy, San Diego,” said Ryan, referencing the character Ron Burgundy from the movie “Anchorman.”

“The San Diego Chargers beat ourselves, OK?” McMichael said. “It’s all about us. We took our foot off the gas pedal, and we lost because of it. … Their secondary isn’t anything. It’s our fault. It had nothing to do with anybody on their team. It’s all about the guys in this locker room. We lost the game. They didn’t do anything.”

Randy McMichael was a bit salty.