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Celtics & Clippers To Pursue Dwight Howard

I am sorry Orlando, but just is case you forgot………….


The Magic have to take the best possible deal and trade Howard to a team he approves.  They should go to Howard immediately and get a list of teams he is willing to go to.

Don’t get Lebroned.

Clippers and Celtics are two of the many teams interested in Dwight.

While the Clippers would an alternative choice for Chris Paul if he is unable to end up with the Knicks, the team’s preference is to pursue Dwight Howard by all means necessary say sources.

The Clippers will do everything they can to acquire Howard short of trading Blake Griffin.

Howard and Paul are members of the 2012 free agency class.

RealGM’s Jarrod Rudolph reported earlier on Monday that Howard won’t be interested in playing for the Clippers. Rudolph also reports that the Celtics will pursue Howard and that the Magic remain a viable option.

Howard is not going to the Clippers.  He may consider the Celtics, but the Celtics don’t have very good trade assets unless they are willing to part with Rondo.
The Lakers still seem to to be the best move for Howard and the Magic, but still a little early to gauge how hard the Lakers will push for it.