Kris Humphries Called Kim Kardashian “A No Talent Stupid Fat Ass”? – BlackSportsOnline
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Kris Humphries Called Kim Kardashian “A No Talent Stupid Fat Ass”?


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Is this just the Kardashian PR people going into overdrive to discredit The Hump or was Humphries in general a mean guy?

Also when dissecting these comments how much weight do you put on them being truthful? As someone told me recently would you rather a pretty lie or ugly truth?

Here are the details.

After lavishly tying the knot Aug. 20, Kardashian’s hubby soaked up the perks of being married to one of the most successful reality stars ever — staying out late at clubs in NYC and L.A., and demanding free bottle service and more wherever he went.

Even worse? He could be downright cruel to Kardashian, 31. “He belittled her in front of people,” one insider tells Us. “He’d call her stupid. It was truly sickening.”

The source adds that Humphries resented his wife’s fame and fortune. “He tried to control Kim by bringing her down…He would say truly terrible things. One time, he said she had no talent and her fame wouldn’t last.”

He even took exception to her world-famous posterior, calling her “fat ass,” the source says.

And when Kardashian (who rarely drinks and tends to go to bed earlyasked her man to skip the nights out in favor of quality time, “He would tell her she was acting like too much of a wife and ‘get over it,’” another insider says.

Some of this is allegedly caught on camera while shooting their reality show, so we will see. No need to be mean for no reason, then again this could all be made up just for Kimmy to gather sympathy. It wouldn’t be the first or last time stories were planted by the Kardashians.

If anything it has drummed up interest for their latest reality show and that is all that matters right?