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Did Floyd Mayweather Bet Nearly a Million Dollars on Duke & Lost?

If Floyd did make the bet, you will never ever see that betting slip.

People who have a gambling problem only post and boast about their winnings and never their losses. If you follow Mayweather’s Twitter stream you would think he never lost a bet, but we know better than that.

When you are betting large sums of money you are taking some serious losses here and there. Mayweather made a comment to Bob Costas he was thinking about putting money on Duke.  Bob Costas is a cooler?

There was a rumor going around today that Floyd Mayweather had bet $990,000 on Duke +2 today. The bets were supposedly spread out over four sports books in Las Vegas. Sports Illustrated’s Bryan Armen Graham tweeted the rumor earlier today. Floyd Mayweather told Bob Costas earlier this week he was “thinking” about betting on Duke in the 1st half. UNC rolled Duke, 88-70, and led 48-24 at the half. If he bet Duke, he lost.

Mayweather losing a million would be probably be equal to you and I losing $10k.

To me doesn’t matter if it is $1, $1000 or $1 million any money you lose has to hurt. I am sure if Mayweather did indeed lose his bet he will try to make it up with an even bigger bet, because that is what Gamblers do.