Cam Newton To Celebrate Tip Drill Coming off Stripper IR at Club Play (Photos) – BlackSportsOnline
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Cam Newton To Celebrate Tip Drill Coming off Stripper IR at Club Play (Photos)

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There are dangers playing in the NFL.

You can tear an ACL or even more dangerous the concussion issue which can take years off your life.

No different if you are a stripper.  Always a chance something like this can happen to you.

Tip Drill is well known for performing incredible acrobatic sets during her stripper routine. Her signature entrance involves sliding upside down from the top of the stripper pole, 20 feet in the air, before landing on her legs. But on Feb. 18, something went wrong and she took a nasty fall, breaking her jaw and suffering other facial fractures.

Tip Drill was hospitalized for several days and underwent plastic surgery. Her jaw was also wired shut.

That is terrible.  There is always a risk when you are performing acrobatics doesn’t matter if you are at the Circus or King of Diamonds.  Good news after rehab Tip Drill is off the IR and is in good spirits

No word if she will be back on the pole, but similar to DeSean Jackson after he got KOed he was a little skittish going over the middle after that so I understand her hesitation.  But it appears for the right offer she will come out of retirement like George Foreman.

She made her first public appearance last night and now Cameron Newton will host her official welcome back party.

Hope she makes a full recovery. Just was speaking about how most strippers look like Anthony Mason in the face, but TD is pretty cute if you get past the Nicki Minaj wig.

You can hit her up on Twitter with well wishes or thirst whatever floats your boat at @OGTipDrill amazingly she has a normal government name Kenisha. I think I will call her by her real name.