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Tiki Barber Thinks Cam Newton And RG3 Are The New Age Of NFL Quarterback

Sports media types love to be the first to take credit for making the correct prediction in how a position will be played.

Whether its the new wave of point guards, pitchers, or quarterback, everyone wants to be the guy that says I saw it coming.

Former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber has joined that list.

In his weekly article written for USA Today, Barber spoke about the new wave of quarterback that has transformed the NFL.

In the coming years, more and more “athletes” will command the position. The reason is simple: At the college, high school and even Pop Warner levels, teams are increasingly utilizing spread offenses — which are faster-paced and develop the read-and-react skills needed in the fast-paced NFL game.

Calling plays and reading defenses can be taught, but processing the on-field information, in a split-second, is difficult. Many high draft picks have failed because they never adapted or never had the ability in the first place.

Additionally, the “athletic” quarterback, in essence, gives an offense a sixth skill position player — someone who is not frail nor opposed to contact and running in the open field. Offensive vs. defensive game-planning is a constant chess match, and it will be fascinating to watch as the most important offensive position continues to evolve.

Tiki is front running.  If his claims or correct then he can take all the credit.

His claim is no different than any other sportscaster has been making for years now.

The quarterback position will continue to revolve guys who can command the pocket, make good reads, make the throws, and lead his team.

Most quarterback will not have the size and athleticism of a Cam Newton.  Most will not have the speed that Griffin III possesses.

Your new age quarterback will still be able to adapt to a conventional offense, make all the throws, have good knowledge of the game, and be a pretty decent athlete at the position.

Tiki Barber, meet Aaron Rodgers sir.