James Harden Allegedly Pays His Girlfriend Kyra Chaos a $50k a Month Salary – BlackSportsOnline
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James Harden Allegedly Pays His Girlfriend Kyra Chaos a $50k a Month Salary


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This is excellent work if you can get it.  $600k a year to just be random arm candy, is better than working at the call center.  Normally, we would dismiss such claims, but since we are talking about The Beard, it is 50/50 chance this is actually happening.

He did drop $20k for a weekend with Model Jenna Shea.

As for the $50k a month, that is according to one of Ms. Chaos’ friends.  She could be exaggerating, she could be lying or she could be spot on.

James Harden Kyra Chaos

Whatever the Beard likes to do with his money that is his business.  As long as he isn’t doing anything illegal or has any negative affect on his game, he should do whatever makes him happy.  I personally, don’t think you should have your girlfriend on salary, but hey that’s just me.

In his first season as “DA MAN” he is averaging 26, 6 and 5.  Those are Prime Kobe and D Wade type numbers.  While some athletes are affected by what happens off the court, The Beard’s lifestyle seems to help him flourish on the court.

So all we can say is……


Also, use condoms because there is a big difference between voluntarily giving money and being force to after going on Maury.