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Andrew Bynum a “No-Show” at Sixers Team Picture Day

Andrew Bynum

Considering he hasn’t been part of the team all year, this shouldn’t be very surprising. Bynum’s checks are signed by the Sixers, but beyond that, he has as much connection to the team as you or I.

I am sure the Sixers wish, it wasn’t just a picture that Bynum was missing from, but their payroll as well.  Here are the details from Pro Basketball Talk.

Though there were a lot of different faces in this year’s photo, there was one that was conspicuous by his absences.

Andrew Bynum, who is rehabbing his knees in New York City. Though his uniform was hung in his locker, Bynum did not make the trip to Philly to smile for the camera.

The Sixers will have to make a decision, if they want to offer Bynum a contract next year or not. My opinion is that they should cut their losses and move on.

They took a gamble and crapped out, don’t compound the issue, but putting more money on the table. Big men with knee problems don’t get better, they get worse as time passes. Let someone else take that risk.