Dez Bryant Caught Up When 2 Women Claim to Be His GF on Instagram (Photos) – BlackSportsOnline
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Dez Bryant Caught Up When 2 Women Claim to Be His GF on Instagram (Photos)

Dez Bryant Caught With 2 Girlfriends

I’ve always said the smart “playas” don’t have twitter, facebook, and especially instagram, but since many people don’t truly know the tricks of the trade, AND these social mediums are often used as a way to “hook up” men AND women will forever get caught up in its web.

Cowboys’ receiver Dez Bryant is now one of social media and Instagram’s latest victims. Two women within a week of each other have both claimed the football player as ‘their man” on social media, and of course have pictures to prove it.

H/T Full Court Pumps

“Girlfriend” #1
Name: Briana
Location: Dallas, TX
Education: University of North Texas Alum
Claim: Caking up with baby in the club

Dez Bryant Girlfriend Briana 1

Dez Bryant Girlfriend Briana 2

Dez Bryant Girlfriend Briana 3

“Girlfriend” #2
Name: Ilyne
Location: Dallas, TX
Education: Recent Graduate (College Unknown)
Claim: Ride or Die Chick

Dez Bryant Girlfriend Ilyne 1

Caption: I’ve seen this man get drafted… Awarded…& honored..through the good and the bad he’s been an inspiration and supported me through my journey now I’ve had the opportunity to share my accomplishment with him. #blessed”

Dez Bryant Girlfriend Ilyne 2

Both are attractive women, who at least seem to have something going for themselves. If I had to give an edge to one, it would the woman with pictures outside of the club…IJS. But either way they’re probably both Dez’s “girlfriend” along with a ton of other women. It just comes with the territory.