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Johnny Manziel Appears In Country Music Video (Video)


Texas A&M star quarterback Johnny Manziel’s epic off-season is about to come to an end as Manziel will try to win his second Heisman Trophy in a little over a month from now.

For now Manziel is still flaunting his star power, this time by appearing in a country music video.

Manziel is featured in the video for country artist Granger Smith’s song “Silverado Bench Seat.”  The song and video made its television debut Friday on ESPNU’s “College Football Live.”

The video, which also features former A&M receiver Ryan Swope, features plenty of pickup trucks and nice looking girls.

I think Granger Smith really appreciated having the Heisman Trophy winner in his new video.

“It goes right alongside what he’s been doing,” said Smith, a 2002 graduate of Texas A&M and a lifelong Aggies fan. “He’s entered the pop culture like no A&M quarterback ever has – rarely has any college quarterback entered the pop culture. I think at first it made everyone nervous: ‘How’s this gonna pan out? Is he gonna end up in trouble somewhere?’ But I think we’ve all embraced his personality. This is just him, how he embraces life to the fullest.”

Of course the biggest question now will be in regards to were any NCAA infractions or rules violations committed by Manziel appearing in a music video.

Texas A&M senior associate athletic director Jason Cook said Thursday evening he hadn’t seen the video yet. According to NCAA bylaws, athletes are permitted by NCAA rules to appear, when out of season, in films, videos or plays as long as there’s no implied commercial endorsement and as long as they’re not compensated for the appearance.

Smith said Manziel wasn’t paid.

“I would be excommunicated from the Aggie community, for sure,” Smith said.

Manziel, who couldn’t be reached Thursday for comment, is not named or identified as Texas A&M’s quarterback, even though in one clip, he’s sitting in the pickup with a date, and several girls run over to get his autograph.

Just another day in the life of Johnny Football.