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Beadle Was Miserable and Almost Quit TV at NBC

Michelle Beadle Talks About Leaving NBC

Michelle Beadle is back at ESPN and she could not be happier. The move to NBC  in 2012 was not a good experience for her and Beadle was not afraid to let media know how unhappy she was.

“It was the lowest for me,” Beadle told The Post of her two years at NBC.

The move to NBC has caused Beadle to think about quitting.

“I think you place your self-worth on your career, and as far as I was concerned, my career was crap. I started to doubt myself, whether I even wanted to do TV, I thought about quitting. I found myself in a position where I was working for people I didn’t want to work for and I didn’t know how to get out of it. So, it was just bad, a bad overall feeling.”

What could have been a great experience, her hosting her own show “The Crossover” and having a role on “Access Hollywood,” ended up being a situation where she butted heads with “Crossover” co-host Dave Briggs and NBC.

“The whole thing was a hot mess,” Beadle said. “And I knew there was nothing for me to do there. The place just wasn’t a good fit for me …I didn’t like my job anymore, and it was not fun having to go to work and pretend. It was great, a lot of people get stuck in jobs that they don’t like and it’s horrible for them and I was fortunate to have people fight for me to get me out of it, so I can go back to being a happy, smiling person. It was just a bad fit all around. That’s all I can say without getting into too much trouble.”