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Man Arrested for Throwing Football Filled With Heroin Over Prison Fence


My first those was that Tebow had gotten into the drug trade, but alas it was someone with a worse arm than Timmy.

A Detroit man with a suspect throwing arm is facing felony charges for attempting to toss a football stuffed with narcotics and cell phones over a fence and into the exercise yard of a Michigan state prison, investigators report.

The alleged smuggling bid literally fell short Sunday morning when the football landed between two fences at the G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility in Jackson, a city about 40 miles west of Ann Arbor.

According to police, a corrections officer spotted Christen Deon-Sterling Moore exit a vehicle and toss the football toward the yard. Moore, 22, was then taken into custody by the prison officer.

A subsequent examination of the football revealed that it contained marijuana, heroin, tobacco and three cell phones with chargers. As seen in the above Michigan Department of Corrections evidence photo, the football landed on a pathway adjacent to the prison yard.

Moore, pictured at right, was charged with three counts of furnishing contraband to inmates. It is unclear who was the intended recipient of the football’s illegal contents.

Moore is currently in jail now staring at a $50k bond.

I really want to know who came up with this masterplan. I am more interested in that than anything else. I would have love to hear the conversation while they were playing 2k.

How many NFL quarterbacks could have made this pass accurately?  If Matt Schaub threw it would have probably been intercepted and ran back to the yard by a guard.

Christen Deon-Sterling Moore

H/T Bossip & Smoking Gun