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Couple Arrested for Having Sex on The Roof of a Chipotle

Michael Suh Nicole Germack

Did they do something wrong?

Nice looking couple, just out having some adventure, no harm, no foul in my opinion. It wasn’t like they were having sex over your Burrito Bowl.

Here are the details courtesy of CBS Philly.

The bizarre incident happened at about 9:40 p.m. Saturday at the Chipotle restaurant on East Main Street in Newark. The restaurant closes at 10 p.m. and was still open for business.

According to investigators, officers with the Newark Police Department were called to scene after receiving multiple reports of a male and female having sex on the roof of the restaurant.

When an officer arrived, he was on the opposite side of the street and clearly observed the couple engaging in sexual intercourse on the roof at the very front of the Chipotle building.

The officer told the couple to stop, but police say they continued for approximately 15-20 seconds before stopping.

Listen, if I am going to get arrested for sex on the roof of Chipotle, I am not leaving until I am finished, so more power to Mr. Suh.

They were eventually arrested and are out on $1800 bond. I say it was worth it.

H/T Guyism