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Deion Sanders Says 49ers Players Want Harbaugh Fired

Jim Harbaugh Freak Out

On Sunday Night’s NFL Netwrok telecast, Hall-of-Famer Deion Sanders comments that the 49ers players want head coach Jim Harbaugh out.

“They want him out,” Sanders said, via “They’re not on the same page. I really want to know if they’re really playing for the head coach. I got a question with that. Are you really down with your head coach, San Francisco 49ers? Because the way it looks and what I’m hearing, you’re really not down for your head coach. And that’s a problem. They really got some problems that we hear rumblings. We all know people inside locker rooms.”

NFL Network’s Ian Rapaport also chimed in with more specific details of player gripes with Jim Harbaugh.

“Some of the complaints include the fact that he kind of treats them like children. In fact, on planes, I’m told, they’re not allowed to play music, they’re not allowed to play cards. Small things, but these are the things that really can rankle players, even though the veterans do get to sit in first class.”

I think that it is very easy for the players to point fingers at Harbaugh once the team has gone through their first adversity under his regime. I hope that those player’s do not forget that before Jim Harbaugh got to San Francisco that the 49ers had gone below .500 on 7 of the previous 8 seasons. Harbaugh might be known as a tough disciplinarian, but it seems to be affecting the play on the field in a positive manner. Players have to understand that this is a profession based on results. I understand that the players would like to have a coach who is more player friendly, but ask Raheem Morris and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers how that worked out.

h/t Ryan Wilson of CBSsports