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Fox Contributor: ‘Anti-Testicular Police’ Ripped Ray Rice’s ‘Balls’ Off


Fox News contributor Tamara Holder appeared on Fox’s “Hannity” this Tuesday to speak on the Ray Rice incident.

Via Mediaite,

“I think it’s interesting that the anti-testicular police are coming out and just taking this guy’s balls and ripping them off and not paying attention to the fact that there is a family here,” Holder said. “That there were decisions to be made behind closed doors. That also, Miss (sic) Rice, formerly Miss Palmer, she played a role in it.”

Although it’s not entirely clear what she means by “played a role in it” it seems she’s saying that Janay had some blame in the situation. It’s a tough area of discussion in this because the PC thing is to say that Janay had no fault and she did nothing wrong, although I can’t agree entirely with that. From the video I saw Janay Palmer/Rice brought things into the physical realm. Still, no man should hit a woman especially when there is no type of threat to your life. Pressed by Hannity that it sounds like she was blaming Janay Rice, Holder clarified her comments.

“I am not defending his behavior,” she said. “What I’m saying though is that where do we draw the line with just attacking somebody, ruining their life, firing them for life? He’s going to lose his home. Absolutely, she could’ve died,” Holder said, “and hopefully they’re going through counseling still. He made a mistake.”

I can understand what her mind set is on this but I can’t agree. Ray Rice is privileged to be in the NFL and has made more money from his “firing” than most people will see in their lifetimes. Rice crossed a line that no man should and the worse part is that it was caught on camera for the entire world to see and dissect. The worse was seeing moments after when Rice just stood there calm and collected in a candid moment that he didn’t think anyone would ever see. He just stood there looking down on Janay after knocking her into a railing and onto the elevator floor. No “OMG what did I do” moment where he drops to check on her. Then he just drags her out in what I feel was disdain. He dropped her on the floor outside the elevator and just pushes her with his foot as if to get her to move on her own. I’m sorry, for the family that this incident is being dug up again after they thought it was closed. It should have been handled differently by the NFL and the Ravens so I blame them for that. Our focus is shifting from the incident to why the NFL turned a blind eye. This is where the story organically headed to and while this will put pressure on the NFL it will also keep this video and this incident fresh in the public’s eye. Let’s hope that Ray can learn from this to be a better man. We all deserve second chances.