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Ray Rice Has Found Jesus & Blames Hard Liquor for KO Punch

Ray Rice Punch

A lot of people find Jesus after they get in trouble. Sometimes it is legit, sometimes it is just good PR. The only thing we can hope in the case of Ray Rice is that he understands now that unless his life is in danger he shouldn’t put his hands on a woman. Furthermore, I hope both of them understand that any type of violence towards each other is wrong.

TMZ has the details on what Ray Rice has been going through since the incident.

Rice told the Baltimore Ravens he and Janay Palmer had been drinking HEAVILY before the altercation. Rice is telling friends he becomes a different person when he boozes it up … so he’s changed his life.

But he hasn’t changed that much, because we’re told he still drinks wine … just not hard liquor.

Our sources say Ray and his wife have gotten deep into religion since the February incident — they were both baptized in March when they decided to become Born again Christians.

We’re also told they’ve also done religious mentoring with other couples.

Liquor and drugs have been known to make rational people do irrational things. No one can say for sure if that is just a convenient excuse for Rice or not, but hopefully he and Janay are getting the help they need.