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LeBron Was Uncomfortable At D Wade’s Wedding

LeBron Dwyane Wade Wedding

It makes sense.

Just imagine breaking up with your girlfriend (or in this case several girlfriends) and then having to see them all at a social event. I would be uncomfortable too. Then on top of that, imagine your job sending you overseas with all the brokenhearted girlfriends to a conference together. This is what LeBron is dealing with currently.  Here are some details about LeBron’s feelings about attending Wade’s wedding.

James flew in to be there for his friend Wade, but apparently had to play a bit of a wallflower role. He never made his way over to Chris Bosh’s table because Bosh said James hasn’t spoken to him since he decided to sign with the Cavs in July. Though maybe it should’ve been Bosh who came up to speak with James; his decision to sign in Cleveland immediately saw the Heat increase their offer to Bosh by perhaps as much as $30 million. At the very least, Bosh could’ve sent over a drink.

James later told friends that having to share the same room with Heat president Pat Riley was uncomfortable that night. It stands to reason it was probably hard to make eye contact with Heat owner Micky Arison or coach Erik Spoelstra as well.

The remaining Heat players are hurt that James left them for a younger super-team model in Cleveland. They can talk about how last season wasn’t all that fun, as Wade told Bleacher Report recently, and how the Heat are reinvigorated and all that. They can sell the passive-aggressive “Heat Lifer” T-shirts in the lobby in the space where James’ jerseys once stood all they want. They’re still getting over it. And who can blame them?

The HEAT just have to move on, I know it is easier said than done, but their franchise was enhanced by LeBron being there. Bosh, Wade, Riley and a bunch of role players are better off now than they were four years ago. Even the best relationships sometimes end in divorce.