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Gynecologist Loses License After Helping Women Find Their G-Spot

Dr. Kurt Froehlich

One gynecologist just lost his licensing after his patients came forward about him engaging in sexual activity with them during their gyno visits.

According to Cosmopolitan,

The Smoking Gun obtained documents showing that a 48-year-old gynecologist brought two of his patients to orgasm in order to show them where their G-spots were. The State Medical Board of Ohio stripped Dr. Kurt Froehlich of his license.

The first time Froehlich sexually assaulted a patient was in 2010. “Patient 1” was a medical professional Froehlich had worked with about three times a month. The first time she came to him as a patient, she waited until after the regular gynecological checkup had concluded to ask questions about arousal and her G-spot. Instead of drawing a picture to demonstrate, Froehlich put a glove back on and “just show[ed] her basically where it is.” Froehlich says he “did not stimulate her to orgasm that time.”

Froehlich had a “brief relationship” with his second victim after stimulating her in a Besthesda North Hospital room in 2012. Froehlich specifies that they did not have sex, but he gave her an orgasm.

The majority of the State Medical Board voted for his license to be revoked.  Glad to see this sick man won’t be taking care of any more patients anymore.