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Why Do You Care If Someone Watches Wrestling?

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For years I have seen variations of this tweet.

My thought is always the same, why do you care? But just for this article I am going to address some of the questions of the Non-Wrestling Fan.

1- You know it’s fake right?

Wrestling is scripted like 95% of everything else on TV. Olivia Pope isn’t real. Lucious Lyon isn’t real. None of that stuff that happened on Seinfeld was real. Every reality show is scripted. The biggest movie of all-time The Avengers includes a man who turns into a green monster when he is angry, a man who flies around in a suit of armor, a man who took a super serum and was frozen for like 50 years and a God from another universe. But, you are telling people they shouldn’t watch something because it is fake, but will go crazy over a Fast & Furious trailer that has cars flying out of planes? Here is what is real.

You can’t fake falling on a ladder like that. So, yes it is fake in regard to having storylines and some of the physical aspects, but unless you don’t watch any TV at all, you are enjoying some sort of scripted television  for your entertainment.

2- You are too old to be watching that, it is for kids.

You know what is is for kids?


But, it does stop grown men from acting like this.

I have seen grown men get tattoos of athletes on their body. I have seen grown man get in a car to fight another grown man on Christmas over Kobe Bryant. I have seen parents riots at little league games. I have seen professional business people fired over insensitive, racist, prejudice and ignorant tweets to athletes. But wrestling guy is too old to mark out over John Cena doing a second rope springboard stunner?


3- It’s not a sport

It’s sports entertainment. This isn’t the 80s where a good portion of society didn’t know the wrestling was scripted. We know, we don’t care, we just want to be entertained and see incredible athletes do wild things like this.


It is a very simple concept.

What entertains me, doesn’t have any effect on you. People are so overly concerned with fitting in that are afraid to enjoy what they like and that is a shame. If someone wants to judge you, let them judge, you will be happier doing what makes you happy.

So, if you want to watch Wrestling, Scandal, Love & Hip-Hop, Cinemax After Dark or whatever just do you. If you are one of those people who are concerned about what someone is watching, I suggest you pay their cable bill, then you can have a say.