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You Won’t Believe How Walmart Thief Escapes (Video)

Man climbing from ceiling like Spider-Man

Super heroes just might be real.

The Daily Mail reports:

The man, who earned the nickname ‘Spiderman’ from employees, was caught on video staging the daredevil escape in Mobile, Alabama.

He was first cornered by Walmart employees at the front door of the store after he allegedly grabbed a debit card, shoes, hat, watch and underwear.

Brannan Lynn, an eyewitness, caught all of the action on camera while he and his father ate at the adjacent McDonald’s.

They watched as the thief was dragged to a security office but somehow managed to crawl into the ceiling.

Lynn said he heard a large banging sound above him and witnessed the man kick out a portion of the ceiling, where he dangled from the hole, balanced on top of the door’s frame, then fled.