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Posters Telling Black Females to Stop Twerking Causes Outrage

101 things black and Latino females should know

A poster campaign at a high school in Denver has many students furious due to the stereotypical and racial things written on them.

Via The Daily Mail:

The posters, entitled 101 Things Black And Latina Girls Should Know, appeared earlier this week at Martin Luther King Jr. Early College in the Green Valley Ranch area of the Colorado capital.

As the title suggests, the poster was filled with supposedly well-intentioned advice for minority female students.

A number of the messages were quite positive statements such as ‘your body is beautiful just the way it is’, but other more offensive ones included:

-Wearing too much makeup looks like a clown. 

-Twerkin’ and grinding ain’t cute. 

-Experience holding a book (not a kindle or reading on the internet) this is so important for you to remember how far you have come as Black and Brown people.

The controversial posters have been taken down and the school district has said that it is reviewing the situation.

‘Denver Public Schools seeks to ensure that the diverse cultures of our students and community are valued and respected,’ said the district in a statement.

‘We understand the concerns raised by those who found the poster offensive and are reviewing this situation so that we can help prevent issues like this in the future. And, we will continue our work to support responsible and effective conversations about diversity in our schools.’

Those statements were very stereotypical and racist.  Hopefully, the culprit behind the poster will be found soon.