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Bruce Irvin Tells BSO He Wants to Play For Falcons

Bruce Irvin

After the Hawks game on Wednesday, Seahawks DE Bruce Irvin, told me a very bold statement.

“I’m going to be in Atlanta next season. I’m ready,” said Irvin in response to my question about where he wants to be after his contract his up. 

Irvin, who is from Atlanta, was informed by the Seahawks before the draft that they will not pick up the 5th year option on his rookie deal.  Also, former Seahawks’ defensive coordinator Dan Quinn is now the head coach of the Falcons, so it makes sense. Irvin to the Falcons has been a rumor more than once this offseason and the Seahawks reportedly are still trying to work out a trade for him.

I asked Irvin if the Seahawks “showed him the money”, would he stay and he said:

“Atlanta is where I want to be. Believe that,” said Irvin. 

There seems to be some disgruntled players on the Seahawks. After going to back to back Super Bowls, it makes you wonder if their mini-run will be derailed by all this bickering or this is just offseason noise that will blow over once the season starts.

Having a lot of vocal players on your team has it benefits, but there is also a downside as we are seeing right.

They also still should have given Marshawn the ball. If they would have done that and won the Super Bowl, there would a lot less chatter.