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Chris Weidman Thinks Anderson Silva Should Stop Lying About PEDs

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UFC Middleweight champion Chris Weidman joined The MMA Hour to talk about his upcoming fight at UFC 194 but of course the topic of Anderson Silva’s suspension came up and Chris didn’t hold anything back when discussing the Spider.

“I watched like a little bit of it and I saw some people (talk about it), so I don’t know all of the facts,” Weidman said Monday on The MMA Hour. “I don’t want to just starting talking without knowing all of the facts, but I saw some people said that he changed his story like three times. I saw Bas Rutten said that. And my thing is just, everyone is a screw-up. I tweeted this out. But everybody messes up, so people understand that. But people don’t like liars.”

“So if you mess up, man, just be honest. People respect that and understand it because everyone messes up. People appreciate honesty. And if you’re changing your story three different times, that doesn’t sound good. Just fess up.”

Chris went on to discuss the pattern of fighters he’s fought in the past and their steady decline after those matches.

“I mean, you could start even before this,” Weidman said. “I feel like everybody who I fight, they’re doing so good, everyone thinks they’re going to beat me. Then after I beat them, they just don’t look too good anymore. You can start with Mark Munoz, I think he was on a three- or four-fight win streak, he was going to fight for the title, people thought he had a chance at beating Anderson Silva. And then I beat him and he went on a pretty crazy losing streak and then he sucked in people’s eyes.”

“Then obviously the Anderson Silva fights, people have a million excuses afterwards. But you watch him against Stephan Bonnar the fight before, he’s unbeatable. Obviously he was putting his hands down in those fights, and he did that same thing to me except I stuck to what I was planning on doing. I stayed on course and took him out. Since then, he hasn’t looked so good. And then, obviously, Lyoto Machida. Poor Lyoto, he’s going through a tough.”

Suspicion has grown around the middleweight division and their use of PEDs. Whether it was during the Chael Sonnen & early-Vitor TRT stuff or now with Silva’s PED bust, the division seems to always be riddled with accusations and speculation.

Weidman seems to be the poster boy for doing things right in that division but in the world of MMA we’ve learned that we can’t jump to conclusions. Hopefully the UFC continues to emphasize cleaning up the sport.