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Clinton Portis on Why You Have to Fight SUH

Intentional or not, the NFL has decided against punishing Dolphins DT Ndamukong Suh for kicking Skins RB Alfred Morris’ helmet off this past Sunday, essentially putting the issue to bed. That didn’t stop former Washington RB Clinton Portis from giving his two cents on the whole thing, essentially saying that if he had been in Morris’ unenviable position, things would have played out much differently.

Via ProFootballTalk

“I just would love to be in that situation,” Portis said. “Why didn’t guys play that way when I was on the field? I wish a guy would have. I would have dove at the back of Suh’s knees so quick and got up and just probably choked him out. I definitely wouldn’t have let him get away with that. But again, Alfred Morris is a different guy than myself.”

Portis thinks other players need to stand up to Suh.

“Guys give this facade of being tough and, ‘Oh man, I’m the man and don’t try me,’ and you know, they’re really not,” Portis said. “I don’t think Suh is, you know, that tough of a player. I think he’s a great player though.”

Considering that in no way, shape or form would this scenario ever happen, it’s easy for Portis to say stuff like that. That being said, he does have a point—dirty players like Suh need to know that their questionable antics won’t be tolerated, but standing up to a guy who goes 6-foot-4 and over 300 pounds is usually easier said than done.