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Guy Creates Fake Snapchat To Catch GF Sending Nudes to His Boy (Photos)

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The whole point of Snapchat is for you to be able to send nudes and not get caught because the photos auto delete.

But, there are ways around that and I guess it doesn’t matter if the boyfriend is pretending to be someone else.

A suspicious boyfriend claimed he posed as another man on Snapchat to trap his cheating girlfriend and then got his revenge by sharing her scantily-clad photographs online.

Now the man, who is unnamed and believed to be from the US, has outed her by sharing the images on Facebook – which have since gone viral.

The woman, who is also unidentified, is seen posing in her underwear and exposing herself to camera for the mutual friend – who she believes is the recipient of her saucy snaps.

The boyfriend set up the fake Snapchat account using his friend’s pictures and started speaking to his girlfriend to try to catch her out.

The conversation soon escalated and she began sending semi-naked pictures which she captioned with a winking emoticon.

He posted them on Facebook and tagged the mutual friend, who his partner had believed she was flirting with.

He wrote: ‘These snaps from [her] were meant for you.

‘I finally caught her and had to pretend I was you, so here you are man, I’m done with her.’

She is pretty cute, depending on how tight the mutual friends are, the other guy might as well go ahead and shoot his shot.


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