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Johnny Manziel Let His Coach Bait Him Into Getting Benched

Pettine Manziel

A year ago Johnny Manziel had an incident with a fan in the lobby of his apartment complex, at the time he apologized and promised that it won’t happen again. You fast forward a year later and he’s still dealing with off-field incidents that have him placed No. 3 in the QB depth chart. Pettine says Manziel violated the team’s trust and basically failed a test.

“His decisions led us to much disappointment and frustration”

Manziel was named the starting quarterback before the bye week but pictures of him drinking in an Austin club have him relegated to the bench. You might support Manziel by saying he’s young and he’s allowed to party once in a while especially in his bye week but given his position, he should have seen this coming.

Looking at the previous weeks, Mike Pettine was never eager to give him the starting spot even after he came in the game and showed some good flashes. He was then asked publicly to stay in the pocket by the same coach who didn’t like that his first option was to scramble for a play. Pettine didn’t have any other option but to start Manziel when McCown was hurt and his play earned finally earned him a starting spot but it seems they were just waiting for him to mess up to take it back.

Mike Pettine is probably not the biggest Manziel fan but the outside pressure led him to name Manziel the starter. He sat down and watched Manziel make his job easy by putting himself in a position to be disciplined again and this time he can’t be faulted for teaching a lesson to a kid who had several chances to get it right.