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4-4 Review: Did Meek Mill Rise from the Dead?

No one wanted 2015 to end more than Meek Mill.

The crazy thing is, last year actually started off well for the Philly rapper. He held claim to the hottest chick in the game and his “Dreams Worth More Than Money” album debuted at number one.

However, the rest is history.

As Meek attempts to salvage his career, he decided to drop this “4-4″ EP. Fans were surprised because the original thought was that he was going to come out with “Dream Chasers 4”. 

While we wait for DC4, let’s see what the EP is talking about.

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 20: Rapper Meek Mill performs onstage during TIDAL X: 1020 Amplified by HTC at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on October 20, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TIDAL)

“Pray For Em” – When I obtained this mixtape and found out this was the first song, I instantly had to put this on repeat.

Meek Mill is known for having fire intros, but sheesh, my speakers weren’t ready for this amount of heat.

In the track, Meek takes direct shots at Drake and 50 Cent.

Drake shot:

Get the bag but don’t write triller
You around cause you paid ni**as
In the dark when we spray ni**as
When we run into you, we ain’t playin’ with you

Meek put a rapper on CNN
Ni**as said I wouldn’t eat again
I just counted 5 mil’ in cash
I’m a real ni**a they won’t see again

And here’s the shot at 50 Cent:

Only trap ni**a doin’ real numbers spittin’ hot shit
Ni**as hatin’ cause my numbers down, what’d you do, 50?
20 somethin’, I did 250

MAC 11 hit you 20 times, now you Harlem Shaking like you Diddy
Pop ni**as spittin’ melodies when it’s really nothin’ they can do with me

Itching to hear it now, huh?

Well, here you go:

“I’m Da Plug” (Freestyle) – I like how Meek decided to get on this track, which is originally Drake and Future’s song.

Once again, Meek decided to throw shade at Drake at around the one minute mark.

I really like how Meek rode the beat throughout this freestyle.

Meek Mill 2

“Gave Em Hope” – One area where Meek struggles at is making hooks, but this one was not only inspiring, it also felt real.

When they needed motivation (What you do?)
I gave ’em hope

When my ni**a needed money (What you do?)
I gave him dope

Every time we went to war (What we do?)
We gave ’em smoke

Fiends was copping, I was broke
F*ck that sh*t, we gave ’em soap

They forgot we gave ’em hope

The real fun comes in the second verse, however, as Meek goes right at Fif’s neck.

You popping sh*t on your Instagram
Sh*t that you’re popping ain’t adding up
Sh*t that you’re popping ain’t making sense

I got fifty reasons say you’re taking dick
And it’s fifty reasons I should kill, ni**a
But, for real, ni**a, I been taking trips with my Philly ni**as
Got the richest chick, she’s from your hood
Ni**as hating on me, I ain’t really tripping, sh*t, I’m good


“FBH” – For all of you successful individuals that came from nothing, don’t be humble when you make it.

Well, that’s the message Meek is sending at least.

Just like most of his tracks, Meek is aggressively yelling over the beat with consistent bars.

Final Grade: 6.8/10. This EP wasn’t the project to salvage Meek Mill’s career by any means, but it’s a good appetizer for DC4. At the same time, he needs to stop beefing with people and focus on his own craft because no matter what, the public won’t let him win any beef going forward.