Did Rudy Gobert Take Shot at Hassan Whiteside on Twitter? – BlackSportsOnline
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Did Rudy Gobert Take Shot at Hassan Whiteside on Twitter?

Rudy Gobert was probably watching League Pass like a bunch of us and decided to let us how he feels about a certain player. The Jazz center sent a subliminal message about a selfish player who he’s getting good stats but not helping his team. Magic center Nikola Vucevic was not about the guessing game and asked him directly who he was talking about.

Rudy Gobert decided to name his french national teammate and Vucevic’s teammate Evan Fournier as the subject of his tweet but I think he was trying to limit the damage and that was not really who he was talking about and Fournier, in an effort to be slick, may have given away the player Gobert was really talking about.

The word “blancoté” means nothing in french but blanc means white and côté means side, if you put it together you have Whiteside. Gobert never answered that question but the Heat center had 23 points and 18 rebounds in a losing effort so you decide maybe Gobert was taking a shot at him or he was just sharing some knowledge on the game.