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Taz’s Angels Being Investigated By FBI for Prostitution (Photos)

Taz's Angels Escort

Well as the Twitter-folk say, “the jig is up!”

For years we’ve all wondered what Taz’s Angels actually did and finally the curiousity spread to amongst the Feds.

“The girls are suspected by the FBI, to be part of an elaborate, sophisticated organization, that glamorizes the sex industry, is involved in human trafficking and has core characteristic of targetting, recruiting and using underaged girls in its activities including paid sex.”

The story of what brought attention to Taz’s Angels is even my bizarre.

A post appeared in “Lip Stick Alley, alledging that popular Instagram “model”, Rubina “Ruby” Sayed is a federal informant. Sayed was arrested in Miami during a sting operation, facing misdemeanor charges in a strange twist, Sayed made a deal with police to set-up Taz and his Angels, police are pursuing a human trafficking investigation into the organization.

According to Don Diva’s online mag: Apparently the local police have been interested in this group for a while but could never get anything solid to formally build a case and the FBI in Miami believes them to be a part of human trafficking and directly responsible for helping to glamorize sex work that they feel is leading to an increase in under age prostitution arrest and sex trafficking. But they could never get anyone to talk. Also other divisions like Code Enforcement the State Liquor Board and other’s have been looking to bust clubs that are letting Taz and other suspected pimps bring underage girls into their clubs to impress them.

We will have to see what comes of this but the allegations don’t appear t be good at all for the company and the fellow known as Taz.


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