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Double Standards in Media Aren’t New, But Why Do They Happen?


Two men stepped to the podium after crushing defeats that ended their season.

Both used curt language, one was downright rude to the media and both obviously weren’t handling the loss very well.

One is 27 years old and never experience a defeat so devastating in his whole life and the other 67 years old and has experienced many defeats like this.

Who do you think got slammed more by the media?

It wasn’t this guy.

Gregg Popovich and Cam Newton both seem to be pretty decent human beings, but at times can pout and be dismissive of the media. Cam is slammed for smiling and dabbing, people laugh at Popovich’s antics.

Remember Shady McCoy tried to have his all IG model party?

LeSean McCoy Party

Shady was slammed in the media for just wanting to have a party where the majority of the patrons were women.

Meanwhile GRONK has all-women football booze camps, party buses and cruises that ESPN send reporters to cover.

GRONK DrinksIs there a racial element to this?

Of course and if you don’t see that, you are just being naïve.  That isn’t to say it is the only element, because sometimes people just pick who they will allow to say and do what they want.

A lot of times it just has to do with winning. The more you win, the more you can get away with.  The less you win or perform the more likely you end up like Johnny Manziel. Even with Manziel though, people seem to care more about him getting “help” than talking about his domestic violence issues, doubt that same courtesy would be given to a black athlete.

Charles Barkley is essentially bulletproof and he’s black, so it isn’t always a black and white issue. Sometimes it is a white on white issue. Check out this quote from Erin Andrews about Katie Nolan.

“I’m jealous,” Andrews said with a smile. “It’s a different role, but I am so jealous. She gets to say a lot of things that I wish I was allowed to say but can’t because of the position I’m in. But she’s doing it in a different format than I am, and what she does well works for that format. “

Nothing against Katie Nolan, no black woman in media would be allowed to say or do the things she does and be fawned over by the media critics. Has nothing to do with her and it isn’t her concern, but the double standards in all walks of life media included run deep.

The question in the headline is why do double standards still occur.

It is because our society is a whole is fractured and we are easily manipulated.  If someone says well that is just GRONK being GRONK it is just taken at face value. If someone says Cam Newton is a THUG even though there is ZERO evidence of that being remotely true, people will just run with.

Most people are followers, so they just go with what they are told. Thankfully, because there are so many ways not just for media, but individuals to express themselves we can now show a lot of those double standards.

More people are starting to see the light and that is a good thing.  This isn’t about Pop, Cam, GRONK or anybody else, this is about you the reader, listener, viewer and us in the media treating everyone as equally and fairly as possible.

Also to keep Trump from winning Presidency, but I digress.