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Emmitt Smith on Ezekiel Elliot Comparisons

Ezekiel Elliott

It’s kind of almost football season. So we’re going to let all the hot and cold takes fly until the season actually starts.

We hear a lot of things about what’s happening in the NFL but we always seem to hear more things about the Dallas Cowboys because you know….

Typically, it’s borderline bizarre news and at first Emmitt Smith saying Ezekial Elliott is better than him, is bizarre but Smith explains. While talking with Sports Day Dallas Smith said this about Elliott,

Well, he is better in the context of his speed, he’s faster,” Smith explained Tuesday. “In the context of his ability to block, he can block. I just think that he’s a smart football player. At the end of the day, I’d like to think that he is better than me because obviously some of those things that we just talked about actually give him the ability to make a house call when he needs to.

Smith gave sound reasoning and he obviously knows what he’s talking about. Smith has been very high on Ezekiel Elliott abilities and talents and for good reason.

Ezekial Elliott has the world in front of him and the only thing that can stop him are Snapchats from groupies……