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Jabari Parker Defends #BlackLivesMatter Movement In HeartFelt IG Post

Jabari ParkerJabari Parker of the Milwaukee Bucks is the latest high profile athlete to use his platform to speak in support of Black Lives Matter and call for unity since we all “bleed the same color.”

In a heartfelt message shared on his Instagram page, Parker attributes his success to early life struggles that shaped him into the man he is today while others did not reap the same results.

First and foremost, I’m black. Secondly, I stand up for my black people. I will not stop fighting for equality because this will effect my kids one day and my friends’ children. I want the world and our society to make a playing field that’s both safe and fair to make it out of the worst situations. Even though my (economical and living circumstances) struggle made me the person I am, it has also ripped up so many of my peers. Lastly, I support BLACK LIVES MATTER. I don’t care what anybody tells me what I should and should not say. At the end of the day, I speak from my heart and I could care less trying to impress someone. BLM does not mean black lives are superior, just means we ‘matter’ too. Especially seeing blacks so favorable and more likely to experience police brutality and incarceration throughout these recent months. We have created an unhealthy way of living through many false stereotypes from the way someone looks. It just so happens that these false stereotypes create negative fields in which people are afraid to interact with someone just off the color of their skin. I hope we can all support each other regardless of your political background, religion, or skin color. Cuz don’t we all bleed the same color…..?

In addition to his instagram message, Parker made news this week when he responded back to former Congressman Joe Walsh for making threats against President Obama on twitter.

Stay Woke.