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Sage Nortchutt Explains How Withdrawing From Texas A&M Will Help UFC Career


‘Super’ Sage Northcutt had a rough 2016. The young UFC lightweight suffered two losses last year, both at welterweight, and is looking to get back his winning ways in 2017.

How does Sage plan on doing that?

First, he’s training with current UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley for he next few months. Tyron is headlining UFC 209 against Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson and Sage’s vast karate background makes him the ideal sparring partner for Woodley. With this arrangement Sage receives invaluable experience against a world-class fighter.

“Every time I step out there in the octagon I’ve been so excited out there [that] I kind of rushed in and haven’t really been myself,” said Sage in our interview during UFC 209 media day.

“If you pick everything else apart, like my wrestling, my jiu-jitsu, my stand-up; they’re good in each aspect [and] I’m just kind of piecing everything together. Training with the champ, Mr. Woodley, should help out with that and whatever weight class I decide to go to in the future [I] should be a lot better.”

Sage has also decided to leave Texas A&M university, where he had been studying engineering, to pursue MMA full-time.

“I just withdrew from school, so I can put all my efforts into the UFC and fighting [in order] to get as much out of it as I can. Obviously, I want to work my way up and one day be the champion.”

This’ll be the first time Sage puts his complete focus behind his training.