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GRONK Gives His Take on Racial Issues in America (Video)

Rob Gronkowski had a great opportunity to make a powerful statement for himself, his family, & white people all across this country who claim to understand the injustices going on right now in America against the poor & people of color.

He’s one of those players whose voice matters in the sports world. He’s one of the most visible players in NFL history & an all-time great at his position. He’s known for his boyish demeanor & easy-going sense of humor, so when he was asked about racial tension in America; no doubt a serious current events issue, you knew the world was listening.

I’m in no position to speak for another man; but as a black sports fan, who cares a great deal about what is happening in America, it would’ve been nice for a white guy in GRONK’s position to make a strong acknowledgment of the racial issues permeating throughout his league.

They won’t be going away.

Yes, it would be nice if everyone could just get along, everyone came together & evil destroyed itself (whatever the hell that means), but the fact is thats not reality. Neo-nazis & white supremacists are attacking people in the streets, running people over with cars, & walking around with Call of Duty weapons.

Black people are routinely becoming hashtags after being brutalized in their communities by police officers, many relatives of GRONK’s NFL brethren.

No one is asking white players to go march & scream “BLACK LIVES MATTER!!” in the streets, but when given the opportunity to recognize what’s going on in the REAL world, a response a little deeper than “everyone should come together like a football team” would be appreciated…and useful.

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