Reuben Foster’s Ex-GF Elissa Ennis Admitted in Court to Filing a False Police Report, Bank Fraud, Robbery & Wanting to Murder Foster But Hasn’t Been Arrested, The Question Begs Why & The Answer Should Scare You (Pics-Vid) – BlackSportsOnline
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Reuben Foster’s Ex-GF Elissa Ennis Admitted in Court to Filing a False Police Report, Bank Fraud, Robbery & Wanting to Murder Foster But Hasn’t Been Arrested, The Question Begs Why & The Answer Should Scare You (Pics-Vid)

This is a problem.

So, you understand why it is a problem I want to break down all the crimes Elissa Ennis committed, and I want you to imagine if she was just a random person on the street who did this how she would be treated.

“I was pissed, and I wanted to end him,” Ennis testified.

By the time she was done, Ennis had been on the stand for about two hours and broke down in tears multiple times when recounting her and Foster’s breakup, which she said led to her attempt to “ruin” Foster’s career and execute what she called a “money scheme.”

This is premeditation she was upset he broke up with her and plotted in her own words to end him.

In one of the few interactions, she acknowledged following Foster to a car dealership as he returned a Corvette, taking photos of the car and then sending them to Foster via text with threats that she would sell them to TMZ.

This is clear case of extortion and stalking.

She also admitted to stealing more than $8,000 from Foster after taking his account and routing numbers. That money has since been seized by the bank and returned to Foster.

This is bank fraud, and it is such a clear case because the bank had to seize the money, so they are aware of the scam.

Ennis said she still has the two Rolexes she took from Foster in a safe deposit box in Louisiana.

She admits to robbery and still being in possession of stolen goods.

Elissa Ennis, the former girlfriend of San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster, testified Thursday in a preliminary hearing that Foster never put his hands on her and that she “lied a lot” to authorities about an alleged domestic violence incident.

Ennis, who testified against the advice of her attorney Stephanie Rickard, said she made up the story because she wanted to ruin Foster’s career and sue him for money after he broke up with her on the morning of Feb. 11. She also admitted to falsely accusing a former boyfriend of domestic violence in Louisiana in 2011 after he attempted to break up with her.

Ms. Ennis is a repeat offender, and she filed a false police report.

“I wanted to sue Reuben,” Ennis said under oath. “It was a money scheme. It was all about money. I wanted to get him.”

“I really wanted to kill him,” she added. “I was so hurt.”

Ennis said she became visibly upset the morning Foster said he wanted to break up with her and that she chased after him with threats as he tried to run away from her.

“I told him I’m about to f–k yo s–t up, make sure you don’t have a job tomorrow,” she said, as reported by The Athletic.

So, the cops could charge her with stalking, fraud, thief, lying to police, plot to murder and extortion, but she is still walking free today, and that is a slap in the face of real victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.  The reason she isn’t being charged even though she admitted to the crimes in court is that DAs are scared of the backlash from domestic violence groups. They will say that they are victim blaming or punishing the victim, but the only victim, in this case, is Reuben Foster. He is the victim that is being blamed and reputation being dragged through the mud.   Foster is no choir boy, but you should only be judged and punished on actions you have done, just because you did something in the past, that doesn’t mean when someone falsely accuses you, people should turn a blind eye to it. One would think that domestic violence groups, METOO, and just women, in general, would be the first ones who would be leading the charge for Ms. Ennis arrest considering how much her lies hurt their movement. While the number of false claims are low, does that mean we shouldn’t care?  No one should be in jail for a crime they didn’t commit and the only way to slow down false accusations it to let them know if they are caught lying they are going to jail for long time.

If Ms. Ennis isn’t charged the next woman will know it doesn’t matter if she makes a fake claim because there will be no consequences. The cops and DA need to do the right thing, but at a minimum, you have the face and name of someone who tried to ruin a man’s career.

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