Producer Southside Explains Yung Miami’s Wig Will Be The Reason She’s Never Wifed Up; Both Take Shots At Each Other on Social Media After Breakup (Pics-Vids)

Producer Southside broke up with girlfriend and rapper Yung Miami and it sounds like the split was a messy one. They were seen together in Cabo just last week, but that didn’t seem to keep their relationship intact.

Both sent back and forth subtle shots at each other indicating that this whole breakup is a complicated mess.

Southside confirmed the all but truth on Instagram live on Tuesday.

“Naw, ion go with that ho* no mo’! Ion fu*k wit dat ho*, I’m good! I’m all the way bool. I’m bool on that. Talk bout you single, b*tch. Nobody give a fu*k! Who cares? Nobody is going to wife you sweetie. [If] they see what you really look like without your wig on and sh*t, they’re not going to want to fu*k with you.”

Southside then went on to trash the vacation him and Yung Miami went to while also flexing the cash he spends on his other vacations.

“Fu*k that vacation! She paid for that weak a** vacation! Took me to that weak a** spot, sh*t made me sick anyway. My vacation cost a whole hunnit (hundred) bands, that’s how we get down. Stop playin’ with me. Ima show y’all my vacation.”

Obviously, this is just messy and needs to be cleaned up. But all that was said? Man I don’t know where you’d start to clean that up.

Flip the pages for Yung Miami saying Southside would beat a woman up for her and reaction from both after the breakup.