BSO Interview: About Billions Promotions CEO Ravone Littlejohn Talks Getting Into Boxing Business, Adrien Broner Vs Manny Pacquiao & AB’s Fashion Nova Deal – BlackSportsOnline
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BSO Interview: About Billions Promotions CEO Ravone Littlejohn Talks Getting Into Boxing Business, Adrien Broner Vs Manny Pacquiao & AB’s Fashion Nova Deal

Ravone Littlejohn is the CEO of About Billions Promotions and has quickly seen success as a promoter at the young age of 33. Current boxing clients include Adrien Broner, Robert Easter and has worked heavily with Gervonta “Tank” Davis. He’s already promoted seven world championship fights on Showtime.

Littlejohn is preparing Adrien Broner for arguably the biggest fight of his career as he takes on Manny Pacquiao on Showtime on PPV on January 19. I caught up with Littlejohn to discuss the fight, him getting his start in boxing promoting, him and Broner’s deal with Al Haymon and Showtime, and what business ventures outside of boxing that he’d like to see About Billions pursue.

Littlejohn said that he launched About Billions as a boxing promotions company in 2015. He was able to get his foot in the door as he originally met Broner in 2008. From there, the next 10 years was history.

I asked Littlejohn what is the message to Broner as he prepares for the mega fight against Pacquiao. He shut down the speculators who want to use this fight as a way to boost a Floyd Mayweather vs Pacquiao rematch.

“I told AB to just stay focused and understand the position we are in. The narrative is we are being used as a stepping stone for another mega fight between Floyd and Manny and the purpose of the fight is for Manny to look good against us but we aren’t going for that.”

Littlejohn and Broner have also maintained a great relationship with boxing promoting legend Al Haymon and Showtime. Other networks have offered Broner huge deals to fight on their broadcasts but at About Billions, Showtime is the best choice for them.

“Al is who we’ve been with and he’s a overall great business man. He’s been very transparent with business and AB has made a lot of money with Al. Showtime is a great network and AB has had strong numbers with Showtime since we’ve joined. If it isn’t broke don’t try to fix it.”

Littlejohn recently made history as he made Broner the first boxer to work with FashionNova. It includes a six figure deal and the merchandise has already been made. It turned out to be one of the best deals that Littlejohn inked in his career.

“It was actually a deal that a good friend of mine presented me with. It’s the biggest endorsement deal I’ve ever closed and we are very happy to be in business with them I think they have a fantastic company and a tremendous upside.”

About Billions has proven to be a dominant force in the sport of boxing but Littlejohn told me that sports isn’t the only business venture that they’re focusing on. He has been looking into making moves into the marijuana industry over the past year.

“We’re actually going into marijuana this year. We’re working on a supply chain deal with the Kush Bros out of Florida. I think the marijuana business will be major in the near future.”

Ravone Littlejohn has showed that he produces stars at About Billions Promotions. Putting athletes such as Adrien Broner and Robert Easter Jr. in the positions that they’re in today continues to solidify him as one of the top rising promoters in the sport. Be on the lookout for even more successful ventures outside of boxing in 2019.