How Jeff Bezos’ Wife Caught Him Sending Explicit Pics to His Friend’s Wife Lauren Sanchez & How He Was Flying Her Out on Private Jet (Photos)

Jeff Bezos wasn’t smooth with his cheating and it is likely going to cost his $60 billion.

His soon to be ex-wife about to be one of if no the richest women on Earth simply because he couldn’t stop sending the nudes.

Amazon multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos’s divorce was sparked by an eight-month af­­fair with a married American TV star, it is claimed.

The world’s richest man and Lauren Sanchez, 49, were cheat­­­­­­ing on their spouses since June, according to the Nat­­ional Enquirer magazine.

Yesterday it alleged that 54-year-old Bezos – said to be worth £125billion – sent the former So You Think You Can Dance presenter erotic selfies “too explicit to print” and whisked her off on holidays in his £51million jet.

“And maybe in the morning wake you up and not be quite so gentle with you.”

The magazine alleges that he also sent her an ‘unsparing’ picture of his genitals, as well as shirtless pictures.

The National Enquirer said it trailed Bezos for 16 weeks in a bid to prove he and San­­chez were “doing the dirty”.

It allegedly followed them for 40,000 miles as they traveled by private jet, limo and helicopter for “qual­ity time in hidden love nests”.

Jeff really needs to watch Eddie Murphy’s “RAW”.

Flip the page for photos of Mrs. Sanchez and the sex texts.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline